Kid ID

The Feldman Orthodontic family knows keeping your family safe can feel like a full-time job.  That's why we have partnered with Kid ID to offer a free and indispensable system to our community that will work to protect your child of he/she is reported missing.

A few minutes of your time could help in your child's safe return.  Your child's photo, digital fingerprints, and a DNA sample can help law enforcement officials quickly determine where your child has been, increasing the chance of a swift and safe return.
The data taken is comprised of a digital photo, electronic fingerprints (FBI recognized), and all pertinent information on the ID'd child.  The child's information is stored by Kid ID, in a secure, central database.  A parent will need to register his child's ID card and create his own personal passcode for the information.
A kit will be provided, which includes the child's ID card, gloves, a patented DNA swab, and a storage envelope for the swab.  It also contains a pre-addressed envelope to Kid ID central.  Kid ID is the only program that offers a DNA profile of each child for a minimal fee.  By having a profile available, it allows law enforcement to use the most powerful tool to locate a missing child quickly.
Data will only be forwarded to law enforcement with parental permission.  The information is digital and can be disseminated in just minutes to the proper authorities.
If you would like more information regarding the program or to set up a community event, please contact Kim Reese at 813-968-2483.


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