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  • (Emergencies Only) (Please use only in true orthodontic emergencies)

About Our South Tampa Location

Our South Tampa offices are always available to serve you so feel free to contact us today to receive our industry-leading care. Dr. Feldman is one of the best orthodontists in his field and he regularly makes trips between the North and South offices to manage patient care. With over 30 years of experience Dr. Feldman has been able to help give thousands of people healthy new smiles.

Each of the staff members at both offices have their own individual skills as well. By calling our office, you will be connected to one of our business assistants, Kattie, Debbie, Jessica, and Rebekah. They will very quickly get your appointments on track and answer any questions regarding schedules and free appointments that you may have. By calling into our helpline we work to ensure that you can have the finest customer service experience in booking appointments quickly and without hassle.

Feel free to explore a variety of information that can be found on the website with regards to treatment options, braces care, information on our offices and our staff, and more. If you should have any questions about patient care, when you should come in for an appointment or about our office in general please feel free to contact us directly using this number.

We also love hearing testimonials on your experience with this office. We are always looking for new stories about our South Tampa Office and if you are interested in sharing your story or your family story in your experience with this office, please feel free to drop us a line. Some of the testimonials that we have received can be found on our website directly. We love hearing your feedback because it helps us to improve!

For our office in South Tampa please use these numbers and this information to reach us and book appointments as well as have any of your questions answered.

For information on our North Tampa office, click here.

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